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ODD's Saiyuki Fan Creations

M'kay. I'll make this easy for us all. I'm going to post this once and cross post the hell out of it. Please ignore the cross posts you see on your friends pages.

Title: Varies as per creation.
Author/Artist: ODD (Me)
Website: See under cut
Warnings: All are work safe except for CTS which is rated PG to R depending on the maturity level of the content in a given chapter and "Gojyo Needs A Dirty Woman" which features Gojyo's shower scene from Requiem.
Pairing(s): Some are het (Doku/Yaone for example). Some are Sanzo/me. The rest don't involve pairings. I don't do yaoi stuff. Ever.

Notes: The following is a list of links to the places where I keep my creations.

Ormheim (my website) is here.
     I'm slowly building a massive gallery of collected official art. I'm also posting my graphics and some of my other fan creations here.

"Chasing The Sun" is here

Notes and Comments <-- Read this first, post comments here.

Table of Contents

Blurb: How would Genjyo Sanzo deal with being forced to take a wife, and how would his bride feel about being bound for all eternity to a man she is sure doesn't want her?

     This is more or less the rough draft of CTS. The polished draft will end up at Ormheim...eventually.

My fan art is here

     There's a handful of not so good sketches and some works in progress in my scraps gallery, so don't forget to peek in there.

My music videos are here.

     Eh. The videos are sort of self explanatory. Yes. They're a little strange at times. Be sure to read the end credits, please. Comments are welcome, but I have to screen new comments because of all the blasted spam I get.

There. That should advertise what I've been doing enough. Comments are always welcome. Chatter is welcome anywhere in my journals/galleries except for the comments section of CTS (which should remain mostly about CTS). Any questions?

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