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Corrupt Monk

Title: Corrupt Monk
by Mission X
A sort of perlude to The Schism
Rated PG 13 slight Language
In Which Gojyo never noticed how attractive Sanzo is

Corrupt Monk

Gojyo found himself staring at the monk across the room.

Sanzo was idly reading the newspaper and smoking a cigarette, the icy expression that usually dominated his features was absent, and his wide mouth moved slightly as he read.

Gojyo had never really had the opportunity to study Sanzo as he allowed himself to do now.

Well, thought Gojyo, Sanzo certainly doesn’t seem like the dangerous fighter he pretends to be, in fact thought Gojyo, Sanzo’s tiny writs and slim face are rather womanly.

Gojyo slyly studied the corrupt monk’s face and decided that Sanzo was rather pretty, beautiful even.

Suddenly Sanzo looked up, and the murderous twitch returned, “What the fuck are you staring at me for perv?”

Gojyo meet the monk’s crazed eyes with his calm ones and lied

“I just ran out of smokes and I was about to ask you for one of yours…”

Sanzo lifted his lip to a sneer but reached for his pack of smokes and indicated for Gojyo to come over. As Gojyo reached for the cigarette, his fingers brushed lightly against the monks, and Goyjo felt a shiver thread down his spine.

Gojyo dared not to look into Sanzo’s penetrating stare as he light the smoke and willed his own hands to stop shaking.

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