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Minus Wave Yaoi Archive + Fiction Challenge

Happy New Year :DD ::pops the champagne:: Wishing you all a fun year full of Saiyuki goodness!

Also, I'm very proud to finally announce the opening of:

Minus Wave

Minus Wave: Archive for Saiyuki and Saiyuki Gaiden Yaoi FanFiction.

First of all, I want to thank teltarma for making all the wonderful graphics. I also want to thank all the authors who took a leap of fate and submitted fiction already. Go check it out!

Now for the important part: I very much hope this archive can be an useful resort for Saiyuki Yaoi fans, offering an easy way to find fiction for the characters they like. The various Saiyuki LJ communities are wonderful places of creativity, but time-sensitive (only the most recent fics get read) and unstructured (it's hard to find specific fics). So help out your fellow yaoi fans and please consider submitting your work: Submissions Guidelines.

In conjunction with the site, there will also be a LJ that will list all the updates and news for the archive: minuswaveupdate.
Or for those preferring email notifications there's also a Yahoo Group which will function as a mailing list: minuswaveupdates.

Links to the site are appreciated. If you have a Saiyuki related site, let me know and I'll link back.

Now for the exciting part: as part of the opening celebrations, Minus Wave will kick off with a fiction challenge!
This will not only be an opportunity to get those creative juices flowing and fill the New Year with more Saiyuki Yaoi goodness, there's also an actual prize (just in case you need a little extra incentive ;-)).
Check it out in the Challenges Section.

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